Monday, July 26, 2010

Make-It Monday: Rapunzel's Wig

I wanted to show you the cute version of Rapunzel's wig we came up with. I didn't want to make it out of yarn. It would have taken so many skeins, and then I'd have to measure and cut all the strands. Then this idea hit me. I got 18 yards of yellow-ish tulle. I had the fabric store cut 6 yards 3 times. I stretched out all the tulle across the floor, and found the middle of the length. I tied 2 strings, a foot apart, in the middle.

On each side, I loosely braided the 3 strands of tulle and secured the ends with a rubber band.

The space in the middle of the wig sat perfectly on top of Rapunzel's head. I'll be tying ribbon bows in place of those plain white strings, but here's what it looks like. When Rapunzel gets up on her table high in the tower, her braids still reached the ground.

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  1. My girls are getting really excited to see Disney's Tangled this November. I bet they would love a tulle wig like this! Thanks for sharing your idea! :)