Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Mosquito Control

Jenni, warning you now you might not want to look.

Anyone want to come over for a BBQ? These are all from our deck, where we can no longer get to the BBQ. Sadly, the pictures are poor quality because I couldn't get close enough to take a decent picture, that's how bad it is. These guys are about 2-3" each, and there's about 40 just on the deck (and that's just the ones we can see and count.

On the upside, we haven't had a problem with mosquitos this year, and none of these are poisonous.


  1. Remind me to never come over to your house again. I'm totally creeped out right now. What kind of spiders are they?

  2. That's so gross, and kind of freaks me out. But way to be positive about having no mosquitos. I just hate spiders, I don't know which would be worse.

  3. those look like spiders... eww.. and so much of them! Sorry that you have those outside on your deck.. Previosly I had a whole bunch of those orange/black bugs at my back door.. I couldn't stand it.. I hope you find a way to kill/get rid of them! Good luck!