Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Plenty of Pumpkins?

I have a church activity coming up in which I have to decorate 20+ tables. I had a dozen fall floral arrangements already, so I only
needed to make centerpieces for ~10 tables. So, I've been making pumpkins.

3 tables of glitter pumpkins:
3 tables of paper strip pumpkins:
and 7 tables of vent pumpkins:

And I do have one other pumpkin style, but they cannot be made ahead of time. Take an orange balloon, put a handful of rice or beans inside. Blow up, tie, and tie a curly green ribbon on. Draw a jack-o-lantern face on the balloon. These kind-of remind e of a bobo doll. Wobbly bobo balloon pumpkins. Hehehe.

Now, party goers will also be bringing their own decorated pumpkins to be judged, so there will be many more pumpkins.

Do you think I have enough?

Now off to carve pumpkins with the kids. Do you roast your seeds? How do you like them? Salted? Plain? Seasoned?


  1. What are the vented pumpkins made out of?

    I love pumpkin seeds. My mom used to roast them, but she didn't do it often enough. I like them salted or plain.

  2. The vent pumpkins are made from dryer vent hose. You pull it into a circle and sew the ends closed. Then paint - I used 3 different colors of orange to give it a more real look. Then hot glued fall floral picks to the middle.