Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beach Bums

My parents had a week timeshare at Bear Lake and invited us along. So, we took one last quick vacation before school started. The days we were there, my sister also came with her husband and 4 kids (the cousins close in age to my kids). We all spent time on Dad's boat, especially on the platform tube. It seems the favorite activity was flying. A couple of the kids became quite the experts on flying. The most funny was to see the tube bounce on several consecutive waves, throwing one kid off in one direction, then another in the opposite direction. We were having so much fun, I forgot to take many pictures, but here's a sampling of our weekend . . .

. . . on Grandpa's (Dad) boat.
. . . with cousins.
. . .just hangin' in the condo.
For any of you familiar with Bear Lake, it is the highest it has been in ~20 years. There are spots where the water does splash up on the road when it gets real windy. Those are the tops of some trees - granted, small trees, but trees, not bushes. There used to be a lot of beach that people would drive down onto to park in front of the water. Not this year. The water is up to the road.
Bear Lake, we love you.

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