Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jewelry Love

My sister and I made my mom a watch with interchangeable watch bands for her birthday last month. We forgot earrings to match. So we set out this week to add this necessary accessory. My mom doesn't have her ears pierced, so we had to look for clip findings, which proved to be the hardest part. There were plenty of clip findings with sticky fronts, but we were looking for the ones with a hole to loop a wire to. Finally found, we made Mom 4 pairs of earrings to match her watches.
Of course, I had to make myself some. There were a few colors of earrings I don't have. And a watch band I didn't have any to match. The yellow and green will both match said watch.
Of course, my niece loves to do anything her mom does, and wanted to make her own earrings. We used the last clip findings to make her little dice earrings.
The dice were chosen by my daughter (Jessica) for me to make her some fun earrings. She just got her ears pierced (b-day gift) and is anxious to take out her studs and wear fun earrings. I think I'll save these for her actual birthday (since she's forgotten about them already) in a few weeks. Now she'll have some colorful earrings to add to her earring holder.

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  1. I love the jewelry you make, especially the earrings. Your daughter's are super cute. My sister makes jewelry and loves it. I'm always so interested/awed by the stuff she makes.