Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fancy Nancy Birthday

Fancy Nancy is a cute little storybook girl who loves all things fancy. Well, my girlfriends and I wanted to throw a special surprise party for our own dear friend, Nancy, who is the ultimate in fancy. It only made sense to throw a Fancy Nancy party. (Billed as a "Diva" party to cover the surprise element.

Being the hostess, I didn't get photos of everything, and pictures from inside my house always turn out horrible (awful paint color reflection), so you'll have to use your imagination.

The "Fancy Nancy" colors are red, hot pink, and purple, which we mixed with a black and hot pink combination. It turned out fabulous! My bar was covered in purple, and the raised portion decorated with vases of white flowers, decorative red vases, books, beads, a mirror, confetti, chocolates, and more beads.

I asked my sis-in-law to make the cake (she's fabulous and you can see more of her cakes here).

Other decorations included a "dressing room" (my front room) with plenty of accessories - hats, scarves, boas, gloves, glasses, and a table with a bowl of ring pops and more beads. Everyone was able to wear the beads and ring pops immediately. The the entry to my kitchen/great room was strung with streamers to prevent the birthday girl from seeing the surprise too early, with a red carpet runway to enter. Once you came through, there were balloons, tissue paper pom poms, French words on the walls (because Fancy Nancy says French is fancy), and more beads.

Every party needs food, so we had lots of tea party style, finger foods - appetizers, fruit kabobs, sandwiches, etc. Fancy little desserts like eclairs and cream puffs. Oooh, just writing this down is making me hungry.

Our surprise worked! I think Nancy was a little shell-shocked.

Since this was an adult party, we didn't play games, but we did dress up and walk the runway. If you want to plan a Fancy Nancy party for little girls, I suggest checking out a few Fancy Nancy books from your library (the Tea Party one, in particular), they have some fun game ideas, or the Fancy Nancy website which has coloring pages, game ideas, and more.

We laughed, we cried, we teased, and we shared. At the end of the night, I am so grateful to call this group of gals friends. Thanks for coming, girls!

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