Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello? *chirp, chirp*

What crickets? I don't hear crickets. I'm too busy to hear crickets. Apparently, I'm too busy to blog, too. But, here's a project that's a long time in the coming. My jewelry (or accessory) board.

A friend made me a jewelry board, basically a filled in frame with 3 fancy knobs. Well, I loved it, but suddenly felt I needed a bigger board for my room, and another for my craft room. So, the original went in the craft room, and I looked for another board for a bigger jewelry board. I never did find a good frame, and didn't want to make one, but when I saw a different project use a re-purposed cabinet door, I knew that would work for what I want.

Once I chose how many knobs I wanted, I had holes drilled spaced evenly out (thanks, Dad!).
Then I primed the board. Krylon makes this new(ish) dark primer. Excellent for under black, brown, or red.
Then I taped off the middle and spray painted the outside a glossy black.
A few days later (I did say I was busy, right?) I taped off the outside and painted the inside bright, glossy red.
Again a few days later, I screwed in my knobs. I had to buy a package of short screws that wouldn't poke out the back. Better that than trying to saw off the extra from the original screws.

Once I finally hung it on my wall, I started hanging up jewelry and scarves. There's more to come, but I have to untangle my jewelry drawer. I just love how the knobs pop off that bright red. And using a cabinet door made it quicker than filling in a frame. I didn't have to cut any wood.

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