Saturday, November 12, 2011

Worthy Thoughts

I really haven't had enough time to satisfy everyone I should be caring about this semester. So of course, the blog is one thing I haven't even considered keeping up with. But, now that it's November, I have been making an effort to post on facebook one new thing I'm thankful for (you may have seen this happening this month). And since my life is so chaotic this semester (thank goodness the end - December graduation - is in sight), I have often thought about wanting to simplify my life, declutter my house, get into better routines and habits, etc. So when I saw this post today, I knew I had to share - both the message of that post (summarized in this picture), and a challenge.

I challenge you to think hard about what you want from life, and identify how to get it. For me, it really comes down to one thing:

This means I pledge to begin decluttering and simplifying my life (after graduation). I am accepting the challenge to begin changing my life to be what I really want it to be. I am going to simplify, take time to enjoy, love more fully, let things go that don't matter, and find contentment. I can't wait to show you all my "List" - my goals (once I figure it out, of course). The new year will be the start of a new life around here. Hope you'll all take the challenge to find one worthy goal, and make a plan to get there.

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