Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Music Video Star

In my media class yesterday, we were talking about infant and preschool programming and what they learn from the media. I know some parents who won't let their infants watch anything on TV, and some that keep the TV on 24/7. Most are closer to the middle of the spectrum. Why do we (or should we) care what our kids are watching? Because they learn by imitation, both of real life individuals and those they see on TV. So, we have guidelines on how much TV our kids should/shouldn't watch, and what types, and even specific requirements in order to call something "educational" programming. But I like this quote that Dr. Coyne shared with us in class:

"All TV is educational. The question is: what does it teach?"
-Nicholas Johnson (FCC Commissioner)

We really do need to be careful of what we let our kids watch, because they are learning from it. The media is all-pervasive in our culture. Just search YouTube for toddlers singing/lipsyncing/copying stars, etc. In the following example, this little guy seems to have not just the general actions, but the words AND the actions down pat. I think it's too much when a little kid not even old enough to go to school yet can imitate a music video.

And as a last thought, I want to share a quote I've heard multiple times, "Just because it's a cartoon doesn't mean it's appropriate for children."

*Side note: sorry I can't fit the YouTube videos, I really am computer illiterate, and just learning how to do this stuff. I couldn't make it post any smaller, so, you'll just have to watch it like it is.


  1. I agree completely with the quote about cartoons not always being appropriate for children. Cartoons usually always have some kind of innuendo in them. Kids just don't always get it, but kids are getting it at younger and younger ages.

  2. Totally agree: And great application of yesterday's lecture!

  3. Same here. This is why I don't like Simpson's and absolutely HATE King of the Hill. I liked the clip though. Kids are so smart. They pick up on so much. We really need to be careful what they are exposed to.

  4. This little boy is amazing.. I don't really believe it's him.. it must be computerized. But, I know it's real, after this past weeks lecture. Children really pick up a lot of things.