Monday, May 3, 2010

Facebook: Love or Hate?

I saw a poll recently about media: if there were some kind of emergency and you had time to grab only ONE media item, which would it be? I didn't even look through the entire list. I don't remember everything on the list. Hands down, I'd save a computer, my laptop to be exact. I don't know what I'd do without it, other than go crazy. When my laptop crashed last summer, I didn't last a week before I commandeered my husband's extra work laptop and made him keep it home. I was having serious withdrawal symptoms, literally shaking.

So it got me thinking about how much I rely on my computer, and the ability to go online. The first things I do are check my email or facebook. Now, soapbox time . . . I know some people who refuse to join facebook. Whether it's because they know they'd spend too much time on it (good reason) or they have no need (legitimate) I can understand. But I was told by one individual that they wouldn't join facebook because it was evil. Yes, evil, my friends. Facebook was designed to get you to meet people online (specifically meet up with old boy/girl-friends) and have an affair, thus ruining your marriage. That was the fear this individual had. Well, I know it's possible, but REALLY? It seems so unlikely. And if someone really were in the frame of mind to have an affair, they're going to do it whether it is on facebook or not. Facebook is not inherently evil, my friends. It's what you do with it that matters.

I enjoy being able to see what my friends and family are up to at a glance. I like being able to see how things are going for them. And I am grateful for the convenience of contacting many people at once. For example, I live in the boonies. No, not really, but I do live quite a ways from any shopping, and running errands is an all day chore. So, when I need something for a school project due tomorrow or an ingredient for dinner, I don't want to have to drive 20+ minutes to get what I need. I post my need on facebook and see if anyone close can help. A week ago, a "friend" posted a need for help with a costume (our 5th graders had to dress up as a character for their "wax museum") for the next day. After reading her facebook post, I knew I could help her out. This past week it was me needing the help, on a major project of gathering supplies for a skit. This scenario happens at least once a week, and anyone of my neighbors who've been saved a trip to town appreciates it.

And when it comes to meeting people online, I love it. Personally, I've met some FABULOUS people online, and facebook is our number one way of staying in touch. I can cheer on B's child at science fair, send my support for S's girl having surgery, get a good laugh at the stories K shares, or let L know I'm thinking about her during labor. I can see pictures that T shares while still in New Zealand, or watch the videos of G's dance group while they're still on tour. In our fast paced world, I am so grateful I can still show my love and support to all my friends and family whether they live close by, in another state, or half way around the world (hi M in Australia!).

And for all those who keep complaining about the poking, gaming, and constant updates: you can block those things and stop complaining to the rest of us about it.


  1. Nice post Variety! I 100% agree with you on the facebook thing. It's all about what "you decide to do with it", for me it is a great tool of communication.
    As much as I love my computer I would have to grab my iPod touch. Just because it's so small and I have so much in it (music, pictures, videos, etc). I do most of my email and facebook-ing in it too :)

    WTG on the blog! so pretty!

  2. Ha ha! Great post!

    I completely agree with you. My older sister won't join and made her son delete his account because their Stake President told them not to join. I don't think he thought it was evil; I think he was just worried about the time wasting part of it.

    But, as you've said, if someone is inclined to have an affair, joining Facebook is not going to push that person over the edge. (My friend's cousin's wife did this, but, case in point, she would've done it without Facebook too.)

    I love being able to stay in touch with my sister in Texas, my brother in Washington, my niece in Tennessee. I love seeing pictures of them and seeing what they're doing. I love keeping tabs on my friends. And, as you know, online friends are the best!

  3. yes. your blog is super cute! i'm not sure how you did it, but i'm impressed.

    i would have to agree with you on grabbing the computer if i could only have one media item. i'm not sure what i would do without mine. it's such a convenience and half of my life is saved on it!

  4. Great post V!!! Me and FB are still not on the best of terms, but I feel as if I don't have much choice since so many of my friends are members and communicate daily through it. I can totally see the appeal, the instant gratification of one-lining it for all to see. Still, I miss the privacy of email. The long discussions between small groups of friends, but hey, that's what we have the book club for, huh?

    Love the look you got going on here too!! Red and Black.... who would've known? hehehe

  5. My laptop is definitely the gadget I'd run back into the house for first. And I completely agree with you regarding facebook. Affairs can't be blamed on facebook any more than they can be blamed on phones or hotels. Yes, some people may occasionally use those things to help facilitate extramarital affairs, but you don't generally hear people calling phones or hotels 'evil'. Facebook can be a fast and easy way of staying connected to people we care about without needing to drop everything and send eighteen separate emails.