Friday, May 28, 2010

I Want a Bad Hair Day

My BFF's baby girl has been battling leukemia for the past year. This is Odette, and she's almost 2. She's lucky. She's at the end of her treatment, and things look good. But in the middle lots of people wanted to know what they could do to do something to show their support, so my friend started having these cute, orange (for leukemia support) T-shirts made.

More people kept asking about it, and I Want a Bad Hair Day was born. The site is new, and will continue to grow, but if you know anyone who's has (or had) cancer, these Ts (or hats, bags, etc) will show your support. And a portion of the proceeds will go to help other leukemia patients.

And this is media related because I'm using media to help spread the news about her business.


  1. Poor little thing!! She is SO cute though!

  2. What a wonderful business. Thanks for sharing that. So glad to hear that Odette is doing well.

  3. That is really cool. Your girls are cute too!