Thursday, June 17, 2010

Katie's 8!

My baby is 8! Today is my youngest's birthday.

We started by surprising her with Grandma and Grandpa coming over for breakfast. This is a treat, because I don't usually fix breakfast. Between school for them and me, and me being a night owl, we've turned into a cold cereal kind of family. Well, I drug myself out of bed early to fix eggs and bacon (and Grandma brought cinnamon rolls!), but Katie was already up. I think she was excited it was her birthday.

Gifts followed food, and we called the party done (so Dad and Grandpa could get to work).

We finished the day with Katie's choice for dinner: lasagna, cheese toast (french bread with garlic and parmesan) and salad. And since we weren't having a party tonight, I skipped the cake and we had pie for dessert instead.

Now the kids are "camping out" in the backyard, and it has been officially dubbed the "best birthday ever!"


  1. I'm glad she had a good birthday! What kind of pie did you make?

  2. The pie is banana cream, a family favorite, as long as it's made right. Cook and serve Vanilla pudding (NOT banana cream) with cut up ripe bananas.