Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Better Late Than Never

I know school's already out, and it's too late to prepare teacher gifts (except for you year-rounders), but I thought I'd share these ideas, and you can remember them for next year. Otherwise, I'll forget to post them early enough next year, too.

I whipped this sign up quick for the teacher I was a room mom for. Grabbed a board 1x6 (about 14" long) that was already sanded, painted it black, cut the vinyl on my Silhouette, stuck it on, and sprayed it with a clear sealant. I think it turned out great.

Both my girls made these candy bar posters for their teachers.

I found other candy bar ideas online, grabbed a few candy bars, then came up with this to use what we had.
*Teacher's name*
You're the RIESEN we SKOR so high. You took us AIRHEADS and DUM DUMS and taught us a THINGAMAJIG or two. We're no longer NERDS and (MILK) DUDS. You deserve 100 GRAND PAYDAY for turning us into SMARTIES. Don't SNICKER, but I really enjoyed learning MOUNDS about the MILKY WAY this year. BeTWIX the two of us, you (POP) ROCK(S). Hope your summer is (STAR)BURSTing with FUN (DIP). Enjoy your EXTRA CAREFREE time. You're a LIFESAVER. HUGS and KISSES, child's name.
(Although, I forgot the Hugs, so we just signed off with Kisses.)

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  1. You stole this title from one of my blog posts! :) I think they both turned out great!