Thursday, June 2, 2011

What happened to May?

June? Really? Already? What happened to May? Well, I guess I've been busy, even though my semester's over. It will take me a few days to catch up on all the things I've been wanting to share. For now, here's a bit of end-of-school-year fun . . .

Katie's been in the choir this year, and this is their last concert. She loves singing.

Isn't it funny how silly they can be? Katie's the cheeser in white right in the middle.

When no ones looking, she has the most bored look on her face.

Annual 6th graders vs. the teachers softball game. Jess was in the minority that made it on base, and one of only about a dozen that made it in home. (Sorry, forgot to turn the pic - I'll fix it someday . . . if I have time.)

And last, 6th grade Advancement Ceremony. The entire 6th grade sang us "Because You Loved Me."

Yeah, turn your head. Love the look on her face.

Jessica's teacher, Ms. Brock.

My friend had this fun idea for a treat for her 6th grader, so we made them together. The candies are pinned and poked into styrofoam, with a poem attached that reads:
Not Nerds or Dum Dums,
Not Milk Dud or Air Head
You rose through the grades
You're a smartie, instead!

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