Friday, September 10, 2010

Family Friday: Pass of All Passes

We found a great deal on a pass for the following attractions that is good until Labor Day 2011. I couldn't pass it up. It comes out costing barely more than a summer pass to the swimming pool, but my kids have outgrown that. They didn't enjoy it as much this summer. So, I've considered getting passes to Seven Peaks (the local water park). Well, when this pass came along for the lowest price ever offered, and included all the rest, I decided to jump on it. We will have plenty to do all year long, and it won't cost anything.

When we had a free day, we went to Trafalga Lehi to see what they offered. The kids raced cars, soaked each other on the bumper boats, rock climbed, and played laser tag. They are excited to play all year long.

And, Dad took Labor Day off and we decided to brave the last day of the season at Seven Peaks. The weather was supposed to be cold, but it turned out to be a nice, beautiful day. The park wasn't very busy, and we had a blast swimming and watersliding. Didn't get any pictures, but I have all next summer . . .

Now, when do the Utah Flash games start?

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