Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Message Board

Quick 10 minute craft.

Vinyl lettering + plastic clipboard + and a dry erase marker = Ouila! Message boards.

I hung them on each bedroom door, this one is Katie's. Now, we can leave each other messages by writing directly on the board or clipping something on. I'll have them put papers for me to sign on my message board. I'll leave them love notes. If I'm gone, I'll leave them instructions.

EDIT: The colored dry erase markers don't work on the colored boards. They are too close to the same, and the pigment doesn't show up. Then, the messages I wrote wouldn't erase. The black one worked fine, so I figured something must be different about the colored markers. Yep, changed to all black, and it erases just fine. Darn, the cute color coordination didn't work, but I still got my message boards.

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