Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wedding Decorations

Friday, my sister-in-law, Wendy, got married. It was a gorgeous day, and everything turned out beautifully. Since they were putting together this event on a tight budget, many of the family pitched in to help. I love planning and throwing parties, and had ideas for table decorations, so I volunteered to take care of that. The white tablecloths were already available, so I planned on adding color on top. The colors were pink and brown, and this is what I decided on: colored square tablecloth, white tulle, mirror, glass candle holders, and white candles. I was going to do more variety of the candles, but we ended up having fewer tables than I planned, so I just went with the most elegant of the groupings. Here's all 3 varieties:

I also made sheer white aprons for the serving girls, a few dresses and skirts for my daughters and a couple cousins, pink hair flowers for all, and the sign-in book. I tried taking pictures of it, but the sun was too bright, so I didn't get a chance for a visible picture before the bride and groom took the book with them (for a 2nd reception the next day). It turned out so cute, if I can get pictures later, I will post them.

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